Call for Participation: GCB 2018 - German Conference on Bioinformatics - Sep 26-28 Vienna, Austria


GCB 2018 - German Conference on Bioinformatics - Sep 26-28 Vienna, Austria


Call for Participation


The German Conference on Bioinformatics is open to all fields of bioinformatics and is meant as a platform for the German and European bioinformatics community. The GCB is also the annual meeting of the "Gemeinsame Fachgruppe Bioinformatik" (FaBI). 

In 2018, the GCB is organised by the Austrian Bioinformatics Platform ATBI and will be held at the University of Vienna. The conference will focus on computation in life sciences and aims to showcase methods, applications, software and emerging opportunities. 

The first day (Sep 25) is reserved for workshops and satellite meetings. The main conference will take place from Sep 26-28. The schedule will allow for fly-in on Wednesday and fly-out on Friday.

Invited presentations will be given by

* Philip E. Bourne (University of Virginia, US)

* Søren Brunak (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

* Roderic Guigó (Centre de Regulació Genòmica Barcelona, Spain)

* Franziska Matthäus (University of Frankfurt, Germany)

* Gunnar Rätsch (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

* Lincoln Stein (Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Canada)

* Yinyin Yuan (Institute of Cancer Research London, UK)

Unlike in previous years, we do not solicit the submission of full papers, but structured (extended) abstracts instead. We invite submissions of:

- Structured abstracts for presentations of recently published or unpublished work

- Poster abstracts

- Abstracts for Junior Research Group Presentations

- Concepts for Workshops (Sep 25)

- Concepts for Tutorials (Sep 25)

We encourage submissions from all sectors (academia, industry, government, NGOs, etc.) and all areas of computational biology and bioinformatics, including:

* Multi-omics approaches

* Biological sequence analysis and high-throughput sequencing

* Molecular evolution

* Big data analysis and machine learning

* Networks and complexity science

* RNA bioinformatics

* Microbiome research

* Precision medicine

* Computational infrastructure and services

* All other related fields

All submissions will be reviewed, evaluated and selected by the program committee.

Key dates:

May 1: Open submission and open registration

Jun 15: End of submission of structured abstracts, junior research group presentations, workshops and tutorials

Jul 15: End of early registration

Aug 15: End of poster submission

Sep 24: End of late registration

Please visit or for the full information.

We hope to see you at the conference!

The local organizers

Christoph Bock, CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna

Juliane Dohm, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna

David Kreil, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna

Harald Marx, University of Vienna

Thomas Rattei, University of Vienna