Invitation to form a computational infrastructure workgroup within the Platform for Bioinformatics in Austria

Dear colleagues,

many of us operate computational resources for Bioinformatics and Life-science research, training and services. This infrastructure and its operation need to be continuously improved, periodically renewed and also financially sustained.

As part of our new Platform for Bioinformatics in Austria and according to the aims that we have developed in our White Paper we will now form a workgroup for computational infrastructure. We invite all research groups and facilities operating or planning large-scale computing facilities to participate, ideally by nominating a representative who administers and plans the computational infrastructure.

As the time until the Hochschulraumstrukturmittel (HRSM) call 2016 is short, the workgroup is supposed to establish very soon. Borries Luberacki and colleagues from the Gregor-Mendel-Institute in Vienna were so kind to offer their rooms for the first meeting from Monday March 21, 14.00 until Tuesday March 22, 14.00. It would be very important to meet in person. If unavoidable, we'd consider a TelCo option for those who need to participate remotely.

These topics have so far been suggested for the agenda of the first meeting:

Begin: Mon, March 21, 14.00

1. Current situation:

  • Overview on computational resources for life sciences in all Austria (short presentations by participants; max 10 min; template for slides will be provided)
  • Short overview how the individual infrastructure is operated
  • Existing interfaces and usage of (inter-)national High-Performance Computers (VSC, PRACE, ...)

2. Discussion on future Bio-HPC in Austria:

  • Future hardware, software, networking requirements of research groups and facilities
  • Potential synergies between computational resources on institute level -> how to develop a coherent network of all Biocomputing centres in Austria
  • Centralized hardware with a service layer providing Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Interfaces to High-Performance Computing -> Requests of university-based workgroups for upcoming VSC-4 and discrimination from HRSM application

3. Concept of a joint application for the HRSM call 2016 (Hochschulraumstrukturmittel)

  • Scientific and technical structure
  • Operational model and administration
  • Financial requirements

4. Schedule and locations of further meetings

End: Tue, March 22, 14.00

Feel free to suggest further topics.

Please nominate representative(s) of your group as soon as possible via mail to

Best regards

Thomas Rattei