Newsletter of the Austrian Bioinformatics Platform

Concept for a special issue on Austrian Bioinformatics / ATBI in Journal of Biotechnology

Dear colleagues,

in a recent discussion we came up with the idea to present recent work and working areas of Austrian bioinformatics groups in a special issue of Journal of Biotechnology, which is very open for proposals of special issues. We would like to propose such an issue to the editorial board and therefore ask you whether and how you could participate in such a special issue. We have prepared a Google Table, in which we collect tentative titles or topics of manuscripts that could be contained.

Auf dem Weg zu Exascale: Bioinformatik und EuroHPC (Aktion bis 14.3. erforderlich)

Liebe KollegInnen,

im Ergebnis der Diskussion zu Exascakle Computing, bei der MR Weselka vom Wissenschaftsministerium anwesend war und bei der ATBI durch Andras Aszodi vertreten war, erarbeiten Irene Reichl und Herbert Störi derzeit ein Dokument zu den künftigen Anforderungen in diesem Bereich. Kern des Dokuments ist eine Tabelle aller Forschungsgruppen, für die Exascale computing relevant ist bzw. wird. Nachfolgend schicke ich Euch den draft des Dokuments und die Struktur der Tabelle:

Austrian initiatives towards genomic standards?

Dear colleagues,

at the 21th meeting of the Genomic Standards Consortium from May 20-23 in Vienna ( we have room for 8 posters that are presented within the lecture hall during the entire conference. The posters will be discussed during coffee breaks.

These posters are the ideal opportunity to present ongoing Austrian work towards Genomic Standards, including bioinformatic data concepts, workflows, tools, websites etc.