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Austrian-Canadian Science Day im BMWFW am 21./22. September

Zur Information,

Am 21./22. September findet der Austrian-Canadian Science Day im BMWFW statt. Im Rahmen dessen (22. September) wird es auch einen Event zu einem Thema der nächsten Health Ausschreibung in Horizon 2020 geben, das sich spezifisch mit health data management beschäftigen wird:

13.00 - 14.30

Don't miss the ISMB/ECCB 2017 in Prague!

Dear colleagues,

this years ISMB/ECCB meeting, the biggest meeting of the computational biology community in the world, will take place very close from us in Prague. Several Austrian researchers are actively involved in the meeting as speakers or organizers of Communities of Special Interest (CAMDA and MICROBIOME).

Don't miss this opportunity! The registration is still open.



Please also redistribute the ISMBECCB17_FLYER at:

We have a new logo!

Dear all,

thanks for voting for the new ATBI logo. We got 39 votes in total. There was a very clear winner:

Logo 11: 23/2/14 (Yes/Maybe/No)

The second best choice was clearly less popular:

Logo 13: 10/11/18 (Yes/Maybe/No)


With this decision, we will now go ahead and create some corporate design plus a new web layout based on the logo.


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