Newsletter of the Austrian Bioinformatics Platform


Dear colleagues,

thanks for your votes! The poll is still open for voting:

The current favorite is ATBI, however we have the problem that for some of us ATBI very much conflicts with "All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory".

Christoph came up with an interesting idea to introduce "@" for AT. So I have added two variations of ATBI:

@bi and @BI

[Reminder] The Austrian Bioinformatics Platform needs an acronym!

Dear colleagues,

thanks for the additional suggestions of acronyms for our platform. These are still open for voting in this poll.

So far there is a clear preference for ATBI. However, ATBI is also known for the ATBI "All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory". If you want to revisit or change your vote, please do so until tomorrow afternoon. Then we'll close the voting and proceed with the winner.

Best regards,

Thomas Rattei on behalf of the steering committee

The Austrian Bioinformatics Platform has been founded and needs an acronym!

Thanks to the many participants of the founding meeting on October 20 in Linz! We had a good and constructive meeting in which we formally founded the Austrian Bioinformatics Platform and elected its steering committee.

Please find all information from this meeting (statutes, the names of the steering committee members and slides with notes) on the About us page on our website.