HPC Cluster in Austria

Here is a preliminary list of clusters in Austria relevant for bioinformatic tasks. This list will be extended constantly.

Additionally, a helpdesk was established within an inter-university project aimed to accept and solve support requests for bioinformatics software at Austrian HPC clusters.
It has several sections, one of which is intended for general issues and the others are specific to a cluster

The general section of the helpdesk is here:

bioinformatics helpdesk


(Life Science Compute Cluster)

Operator: CUBE, Dept. of Microbiology & Ecosystem Science, Uni Wien

Hardware: 1104 cores, up to 1.1TB RAM (avg. 128-320GB), ~0.5PB storage

Software: ~280 boinformatics specific programs

Homepage: LiSC

Helpdesk: LiSC Helpdesk

Wiki: LiSC Wiki

Contact: contact.cube@univie.ac.at


(Vienna Scientific Cluster)

Operator: VSC Consortium

Hardware: 32000 cores, infiniband interconnect, up to 1.5TB RAM (avg. 64GB), 1-2PB storage

Software: a few boinformatics specific programs

Homepage: VSC

Helpdesk: VSC-3 Helpdesk

Wiki: https://wiki.vsc.ac.at

Contact: https://service.vsc.ac.at