Reminder: Concept for a special issue on Austrian Bioinformatics / ATBI in Journal of Biotechnology

Dear colleagues,

in a recent discussion we came up with the idea to present recent work and working areas of Austrian bioinformatics groups in a special issue of Journal of Biotechnology, which is very open for proposals of special issues. We would like to propose such an issue to the editorial board and therefore ask you whether and how you could participate in such a special issue. We have prepared a Google Table, in which we collect tentative titles or topics of manuscripts that could be contained. We hope you like the initiative. Such an issue would perfectly document and present our expertise and contributions to the field.

We therefore think that both reviews and research papers would be suitable. Please add your ideas as soon as possible into this table, but not later than until May 3:

Best greetings,

Christoph Sensen and Thomas Rattei