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Life Science Compute Cluster

The Life Science Compute Cluster (LiSC) is a specialized high-performance computing infrastructure for bioinformatics and computational life science. The main difference to larger, generic computing facilities, such as the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC) is the equipment with a rich, flexible and up-to-date bioinformatics software repository and the availability of major biological databases on-site. This installation allows typical users to analyse their data without any software installation, just by using the pre-installed tools and databases. The cluster is friendly to non-specialists, and can be used for data analysis as well as method development and evaluation.

The LiSC is a medium-sized compute cluster on PC basis. It consists of head nodes for job testing and submission, compute nodes and a storage cluster. In total it provides about 1000 CPU cores, 1000 TB storage space and up to 1 TB RAM per node. Copies of all relevant biological databases (such as NCBI nt and nr) are available as local copies on high-speed disks in all compute nodes.

The LiSC is open to all scientists and students at the University of Vienna and scientific collaboration partners.

Institute of Science and Technology Austria, Klosterneuburg

HPC infrastructure at IST Austria

ca 150 Compute nodes, 3500 CPU cores, 20 TB RAM

The infrastructure is open to all scientists at IST. Biology is one of the most important application areas at the cluster.