Bioinformatics workshop Feb 22, 2018 Linz (after AHPC conference)

The second meeting of the workgroup infrastructure and HPC of the Austrian Bioinformatics Platform will take place on February 22, 2018, at Courtyard Marriott in Linz (Upper Austria, Austria) from 9.00 until 15.00 (room to be announced). It is scheduled directly after the Austrian High Performance Computing Conference, Feb 19-21, 2018, which is held in the same venue.

The meeting will focus on computational infrastructure for life sciences, and will bring together experts and users from institutions from entire Austria. The meeting will be driven by impulse talks of the participants and open discussions.


Session 1: 9-12

  1. ​Current situation of computing in life sciences
    • ​Introduction and overview (Thomas Rattei)
    • Summary of developments in 2017 and current status by each participating group (please not more than 10 minutes for each group)
  2. Current status of life science computing related HRSM projects started in 2017
    • ​HRSM Project in Graz (Christoph Sensen)
    • SOLID HRSM Project in Vienna and Innsbruck (Thomas Rattei)
  3. Networking and exchange between computing facilities; future ideas for computing in life science in Austria
    • ​Round-table discussion among all participants

Lunch: 12-13

Session 2: 13-15

The structure and roles in the upcoming Austrian ELIXIR node

  • Existing concepts for the Austrian ELIXIR node
  • Revision and extension of the concept for structure and roles in the Austrian ELIXIR node (round-table discussions and group work)
  • Summary and conclusion (Christoph Sensen)


Registration was managed along with the AHPC. Even if not registered via AHPC you are very welcome to participate. In this case please inform us via e-mail.


In case of any question or issue, please contact us via e-mail.