ATBI Newsletter Jan 9, 2024

Dear colleagues,

I hope the new year has started well for you. I wish all of us a particularly interesting and productive year for bioinformatics research, training and infrastructure in Austria!

ATBI messaging channel

On our last bioinformatics workshop we have discussed a messaging channel for the Austrian Bioinformatics Community, to be used for all kinds of exchange, technical questions, invitations to events, job announcements, ... We will implement this channel soon. If you prefer a particular platform (e.g., Slack, Discord, LinkedIn, Teams, ...), please just respond via email and let us know. Please also tell us if you could host and/or moderate this channel. We will collect all feedback that arrived until end of January and will then decide accordingly.

Austrian Bioinformatics Workshop 2024 on July 3 in Graz

Our Bioinformatics Workshop will this year take place in Graz on July 3, the day before the 20 year anniversary event of the ZMF Graz, which will be on July 4. The Center for Medical Research (ZMF) was established in 2004 to provide first class biomedical research infrastructure for both clinicians and basic research scientists working at the Medical University of Graz. Happy birthday, ZMF! And many thanks to Andrea Groselj-Strele and Slave Trajanoski for your offer to host the Austrian Bioinformatics Workshop 2024. Please all save the dates July 3 and July 4 on your calendars. Further information will follow soon.

Best regards,

Thomas Rattei