RISC, Manuela GeiƟ and Stephan Winkler organise the workshop "Data Science in Medical and Bio-Informatics" at the EuroCAST 2024 conference, Feb 25-Mar 1, Gran Canaria.

This workshop focuses on recent developments in data science for solving questions in medicine and biology. While medical informatics relates to methods for acquiring and processing patient data, bioinformatics is dedicated to the development of methods for understanding biological data. In both medical informatics and bioinformatics, data science methods play an essential role: data must be preprocessed, visualized, and analyzed using statistics and machine learning.

Papers can be from the fields of clinical applications, biological research, and further development of data science and engineering methods for analyzing medical or biological data. Concrete technical solutions (e.g., methods, technologies, materials) and research results in medicine or biology (based on data science methods) are also welcome.

Typical topics are,

  • Medical Informatics: Medical image processing, medical modeling and simulation, medical data analysis and prediction, and analysis of clinical processes.
  • Bioinformatics: Computational evolutionary biology, comparative genomics, analysis of sequencing data, computational proteomics.
  • Data Science:  Machine learning, applied statistics, computer vision.
  • Data Engineering: Big data analysis, cloud computing, data preprocessing, data quality.